Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Simple house electrical layout

Are you looking for a simple house electrical layout drawing? This is your lucky day. I just uploaded one and you can see it below.

Drawing 1 – An electrical layout drawing for a two-bedroom small house

I am not going to explain much on this drawing because every time I try to explain something, I cannot stop until a short post is no longer a short post.

However, I still need to say a few things so that beginners have some direction of what to do with this electrical layout.

First of all, every time we see a new layout, we need to make sure how the drawing designer want us to interpret the drawing.

Simple said, we should ask the designer where the Schedule of Legends and Symbols for the drawing is.

In this particular case, I did the drawing. So I am the designer.

So you need to ask me where the symbol list is.

My answer is this post, House electrical symbols, which I have already posted earlier.

However, I feel the need to tell you that this electrical layout is not designed by me.

I think it has originally been designed by some British engineer tens of years ago when they were occupying this country.

The design must have been good enough to have survived until very recently.
 Very few changes have been made other than the Miniature Circuit Breakers to take place of fuses to protect the final circuits. This you can see in the single line diagram that I have just uploaded at this post, Simple house electrical schematic.

Tens of thousands of government quarters has been installed with electrical wiring using these electrical drawing (the layout, the single-line schematic diagram and the list of symbols).

So the design is a proven one. I did the draughting myself, however, because I did not want any possibility of copyright issues. In any case, these are just very small drawings.
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See you in the next post.

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