Friday, April 22, 2011

Lift motor room layout drawing

I have attached a layout drawing for a lift motor room here. It is for the same building as the nurses’ hostel building in the previous post that I sent on electrical riser rooms.
Part Drawing 1 – The lift motor room layout drawing

A building’s lift motor room is mechanical plant.

However, it is also a very important part of an electrical design engineer’s scope of work during the design and planning of a building project.

In many construction projects, this is one of the areas of the building space where the architects, structural engineers, mechanical engineers and electrical engineers battle each other for simplicity and easy design of their own scope the design work.

In a complicated building design for a building owned by private clients, the client herself might enter that battle zone just to make sure that the final design would be one with lowest cost of construction and takes up a minimum space possible.

Not that there is much space that can be rented out at a lift motor room level, but the attitudes seemed to encompass almost everything.

Part Drawing 2 – Riser rooms and lift shaft layout drawing

I just attach this drawing again here for the benefit of beginners. It was already included in the earlier post on riser rooms.

Compare the two diagrams together and observe the riser rooms for electrical (ELEC), master antenna TV system (MATV) and telephone (TEL) in Diagram 2.

This is an eight-storey building with the lift motor room at the ninth floor (the roof level).

So all the electrical riser shafts stop at seventh floor including the cold water shaft.

I am not going to say much on the lift motor room today. I just wanted to share with you this drawing.

In any case, beginners only need to study the layout and try to see the logic of why something is located where it is. There are enough labels on the drawing to indicate what that something is.

If the description is not enough, try to make a guess.

For example, “DB ELMR”. DB stands for distribution board. That is a standard notation for electrical distribution board. The symbol there is also quite standard.

ELMR? You guessed it. LMR stands for Lift Motor Room. While the “E” has been added to indicate that this distribution board has been supplied (electrical supply) from the Essential supply of the building.

Essential supply is the power that has been backed by the standby electricity generator of the building.

I will upload the single line drawing for the lift switchboard (not the lift control panel) and the DB ELMR soon. With that you will be able to see the overall picture of the distribution system here.

I could have uploaded the drawing in this post, but that could confuse the search engines about the main keywords for this post.

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Hi, do you still the single line for DB-ELMR & Lift switchboard? Appreciate if you could upload them. Thanks :)