Monday, April 11, 2011

Blog content re-structure

As I said two or three weeks ago, I would be re-constructing this blog after abandoning it for quite a few months. Now in an effort to reform the blog into a presentable format, I need to restructure its contents.

I can just proceed to restructure the contents gradually without saying so much words as this was initially just an experimental blog. I used it to experiment methods of how to attract search engines' traffic.

I did not have readership. So I do not need to explain to anyone. Theoretically.

However, as crappy looking as this blog is (or has been), it has somehow been receiving a significant number of regular visitors. How come? Never mind how. That's a subject matter for my new blog in internet traffic... coming soon.

As for the restructuring task, I am trying not to confuse readers by having a few anchor posts to guide the readers until the restructuring is completed (It will take a few months at least).

The first anchor will be this post which will guide you to a few more anchor posts. What is listed below are the first few. I hope they are enough, but I will add a few more if necessary.

I will also use this post to send updates until the restructuring process is finished (or I just give up along the way :-)).

Anchor posts:

Electrical Engineering Basics

House Electrical Symbols

Blog Content Re-structure (this post)

Electrical Installation Symbols

If you are wondering why I use this "very basic" categories as the anchors. please be informed that this blog was set up with beginners as the target audience.

Beginners do not necessarily mean students or fresh graduates. I consider architecs, construction quantity surveyors, mechanical engineers, interior designers, etc also as beginners.

A large percent of these professionals (and I have met many of them personally in my work) often have some needs for certain knowledge of electrical installations and electrical engineering in order to complete their work.

Not to mention house owners and building occupants who need the knowledge as part of their survival skills.

This blog is more for them and less for electrical engineers. Electrical engineers and electricians do not need this blog and they certainly don't need me.

By the way there has already been anchor posts which sound a little bit more advanced:

Free Electrical Installation Pictures

Temporary Electrical Installations

Okey, folks. See you again soon.

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