Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Electrical earth mat for 33kv substation.

What is an electrical earth mat? Well the attached pictures shows you an earth mat installation in progress at a 33kV substation.

Picture 1: Earth mat installation in progress

I have a number of pictures on electrical earth mat installation. In fact I actually have tons of pictures on this type of installation work nowadays.

However today I only wish to show you this photo because I am sending this from my Samsung S3.

This is the first time I am sending  a blog post from my mobile.  So I am kind of a beginner on this.

If this method turns out to be suitable for me, I will probably use this method for blogging in future.

If not I may just use it for sending up pictures. Then I will edit the post manually when I am online.

Ok guys, see you again in the next post.

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