Friday, April 8, 2011

DB wiring identification ferrules

The pictures below show a few examples of identification ferrules commonly used on the wiring of an electrical DB. Click here to go back to the previous post, Electrical DB wiring.

Photo 1 - Internal wiring of an electrical DB

This is the view inside of a lighting and power DB for an office building.

Photo 2 - Part of the DB wiring

Photo 3 - The continuous ring type of identification ferrules

This type of wiring identification material has been around for some time and it is still widely used. Each of the letters of the identification tag requires one piece of the ring.

So if the wiring identification number contains 6 characters of letters, then 6 pieces of the rings would be required.

Needless to say, the task to install these type of identification ferrules can be quite tedious and time consuming. It is simply an additional cost to the cost of the DB.

Photo 4 - Secondary wiring of a current transformer

I wanted to show you another type of wiring identification material used on the wiring cables inside of electrical DB. However, I can seem to find any photograph of it.

So I uploaded here (the above picture) a similar application using exactly the same material but on an electrical panel at a different level of distributon: the main switchboard (some people call it "MSB").

Photo 5 - Another type of wiring identification materials

Here you can see the termination of the secondary wiring of a current transformer. The wiring identification labels used here is of a different type, but it serves exactly the same function.

I have never actually asked but my guess is that this type is much cheaper and it takes much less time to install also.

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