Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Metal-clad electrical sockets

The following are examples of metal-clad electrical outlets that have been mentioned in the original article, Socket outlets and switch installations.

Photo 1 – Metal-clad electrical outlets

This 13A switched socket outlet were installed inside an AHU room in an office buildings.

The room is an example of a plant room. Electrical substations, lift motor room, mechanical and electrical riser shafts are other examples.

The logic behind having a metal clad wall fitting inside such building spaces is obvious: toughness.

The metal casing of the unit provides better protection against damage by accidents and frequent usage.

The fact that they are installed exposed have nothing to do with toughness. Some people say a flushed installation of wall fittings gives a more pleasant look.

But here is a plant room. So who cares whether it is nice looking or not. That is why it is installed exposed.

Personally I like exposed things. Exposed and protected.

Photo 2 – A closer view

Photo 3 – Metal-clad light switch

I know this is not a 13A socket outlet. It is a light switch.

It has been installed in the same room as the metal clad power outlet.

So you can see that in plant rooms and non-public service areas, we go for toughness, practicality and ease of maintenance.

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