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Socket outlets and switch installation

The following materials can be used as a performance specification for installation of socket outlets and switches in multi-storey office buildings. I will also add some pictures of actual installations of these devices in future, and may be also some drawings and diagrams. Come back and check out this post every few weeks.

Photo 1 – A switch center at a small meeting room

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A. General

1) Description

To manufacture, test, deliver to site, install and commission the switches and switched socket outlets in accordance with the drawings and contract documents.

2) Scope of work

a) Switches and weatherproof switches
b) Grid switch system
c) Switched socket outlets: 13A flush mounted switched socket outlets; 13 A metalclad switched socket outlets; 15 a switched socket outlets; weatherproof switched socket outlets.

3) Deliverables

a) Tender stage – Technical data and product catalogues for; switches; switch socket outlets; commando plug/ combination plug/ socket; isolators; Fireman switch

b) Construction stage – Catalogues and samples of switches, switched socket outlets, commando plug, isolator and fireman switch.

c) Inspection and acceptance test:

i) Type test and routine test reports
ii) Acceptance test report
iii) Packaging, transportation and storage notes

d) Site installation

i) Installation methods / Work Method Statement prior to commencement of work
ii) Pre-commissioning tests
iii) Pre-commissioning test records before commissioning

e) Inspection and commissioning test

i) Site test reports before commissioning tests
ii) Commissioning test reports after testing
iii) Operation and Maintenance (O & M) manual
iv) As-built drawings in AutoCAD format (soft copy)

4) Quality Assurance

a) Except as modified by governing codes and by the contract documents, the contractor is required to comply with the latest applicable provisions and latest recommendations of the following:

i) IEC 60309-2 Plugs, socket outlets and couplers for industrial purposes

ii) IEC 60529 Degrees of protection provided by enclosures (IP code)

iii) IEC 60669-1 Switches for household and similar fixed electrical installations

iv) IEC 60947-3 Low voltage switchgear and controlgear – Part 3: Switches, disconnectors and fuse-combination units

v) BS 546 Two-pole and earthing –pin plugs, socket outlets and socket outlet adaptors

vi) BS 1363-2, BS 1363-4 13A Plugs and adaptors, Specifications for 13A switched and unswitched socket outlets

vii) BS 3676 Switches for household and similar fixed electrical installation

viii) BS 4383 Specifications for industrial plugs, socket outlets and couplers for AC and DC supplies

ix) BS 4662 Boxes for flush mounting of electrical accessories. Requirements, test methods and dimensions

x) BS 5733 Specifications for general requirements for electrical accessories

b) Manufacturer’s experience – All proposed manufacturers shall have at least ten (10) years of experience in the manufacture of switches and switched socket outlets of similar construction.

B. Product

a) General – The construction drawings shall indicate the approximate positions of lighting, switches, switched socket outlets and other fittings. The actual positions of all fittings and the wiring layout and cable routes shall be agree on site with the Employer’s Representative.

b) Sub-circuit switches

i) Sub-circuit switches unless otherwise shown on the drawings shall be of single-pole, quick-make and quick-break, silent switch action type with solid silver alloy contacts and totally enclosed switch action for flush or surface mounting as required and shall be suitable for indoor or outdoor service according to location. The switches shall be housed in standardized purpose-manufactured aluminium stove, enamel finished and complete with conduit knockouts.

ii) Switches shall be rated at 5, 10 or 15 amps as determined by circuit load. Inductive lighting circuits shall be assessed at twice the steady state connected load current. The switches shall be one-way or two-way as indicated in the Tender Drawings and fixed generally at a height of 1500 mm from floor level. Where located in rooms, the switches shall where possible be located on the inside of the room on the handle side of the door. The mounting height shall be measured from finished floor level to the bottom of the switch.

iii) Switch cover plates for the office areas, lobbies and public areas shall be of the flush type, color plate, decorative type to be selected by the ID Consultant / Architect.

iv) Switches for service areas shall be of metal-clad type approved by the Employer’s Representative and mounted in flushed conduit boxes as specified.

v) Weatherproof type switches shall be used for outdoor applications and shall have a minimum of IP54 protection.

vi) An earthing terminal connected to the earth continuity terminal shall be provided and connected to the protective conductor at every lighting switch position.

vii) Single-pole switches shall be connected to break the phase wire of the supply, while the neutral wire shall not be run through the switch boxes.

viii) Where a group of switches from the same source of supply are to be installed at the same location, the Contractor may propose a grid switch system subject to the approval of the Employer’s Representative.

ix) All switches supplied shall comply to MS 616, BS 3676 and other relevant BS standards.

c) Socket outlets

i) 13A switched socket outlets (SSO) shall conform to BS 1363 and MS 589.

ii) 13A SSO shall be of three rectangular pin, switch shuttered outlets, one or two gang for indoor service except as otherwise shown on the drawings and either surface or flush mounted according to location.

iii) All SSO shall be of quick-make, quick-break type with silent, totally enclosed switch action and solid silver alloy contacts. Switched socket outlets for office, lobbies and public areas shall be housed in steel boxes finished aluminium stoved enamel, to BS 3676 and BS 1363 with conduit knockouts. Switched socket outlets for plant rooms and other general non-public areas where specified shall be of the metalclad type of electrical outlets.

iv) Socket outlets located in exposed situations shall be non-shuttered single-pole with 3 round pins to BS 546, galvanized iron weatherproof type with three-quarter-inch E.T. screwed conduit entry, rated at 5 amp or 15 amp. Switched as the socket orifice when not in use.

v) Generally, socket outlets shall be positioned 300 mm above finished floor level except otherwise shown on the drawings where they shall be positioned 1500 mm above finish floor level or 150 mm above counter or benches whichever is suitable, or as directed by Employer’s Representative. Measurement shall be to the bottom of the switch socket outlet.

vi) Switched socket outlets connected to normal supply shall be white faceplate color. Those that are connected to essential power supply shall be white faceplate with red colored rocker. Those that are connected to uninterruptible power supply shall be white faceplate with red colored rocker and complete with a pilot lamp.

vii) The faceplate color, type and other decorative considerations of the switched socket outlets at office areas, lift lobbies and other public areas shall be selected by the ID Consultant / Architect.

viii) Switches and switched socket outlets, where mounted in the same area, shall have consistent profile and thickness.

ix) All weatherproof socket outlets and plugs shall have the IP rating of IP65.

d) Fireman Switches

i) All fireman switches shall have die-cast aluminium, IP65 weatherproof enclosures and are designed to comply with IEC 60529.

ii) Switches shall be type tested to IEC 60947-3 and have utilization category of AC23A with duty rating 240v/415V AC, 50 HZ.

iii) The switches shall be of quick-make and quick-break type.

e) Isolators and disconnecting switches

i) Isolators and disconnecting switches shall comply with IEC 60947-3. They shall be of the on-load, rotary type and interlocked with the housing and provided with means of operation from the front so that all enshrouded live parts can be made dead with the switch in the OFF position. All fixed contacts shall be shrouded. Isolators shall comprise of a quick-make and break, positive action mechanism.

ii) Isolators shall not be door-mounted.

C. Execution

a) Tests

i) Type tests – Perform the relevant type tests as recommended in the IEC standards. In lieu of actually carrying out the type tests, type test reports certified by acceptable testing authorities may be submitted for approval of the Employer’s Representative.

ii) Routine tests – Before the products leave the manufacturer’s works, the manufacturer shall carry out the relevant routine tests on the total assembly and on parts thereof when delivered with time intervals. The results shall be recorded in a test report.

iii) Acceptance test at Manufacturer’s Works – Acceptance tests shall be carried out on the completely assembled unit. The manufacturer’s tests shall be witnessed ad verified by the Employer’s Representative or his representative.

iv) Site tests

1) At the completion of the installation, all switches and switched socket outlets shall be tested. A report recording each item of the testing shall be submitted to the Employer’s Representative.

1.1 Visual Inspection:

a) Check that mounting heights are consistent and in accordance with the Specifications.
b) Check for any defects and poor installation.
c) Polarity checks.

1.2 Tests

a) Operation of safety shutters
b) Operation of ON/ OFF switch
c) Connection and termination of Live, Neutral and Earth cables.

b) Operation and maintenance (O & M) manual and trainings

c) Handing over and Employer’s Acceptance

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