Monday, March 14, 2011

Blog Re-construction

What do you think of the electrical installation captured in the photograph below?

Photo 1 – Creative electrical installation? Funny? Dangerous?

Readers who have followed this blog many moons ago might have noticed that I have actually stopped sending any post since in January 2010.

That was more than a year ago.

I started this blog as part of an experiment on internet traffic… search engine traffic to be precise.

This was not the first blog that I did. I have had quite a number of blog before this one and they all looked worse than this. I was actually very new to this blogging stuff.

My intention was to draw traffic, not to get readership.

Then during the January of 2011, I again found out that this blog title was not strong enough to grow Google traffic quickly. At least I did not know how to do it at that time.

Rather than deleting the blog as I have done to a number of other ones, I decided to just leave it here. Just abandon it.

I though it might be interesting to see what would happen if I just leave it here receiving traffic.

Indeed I have learned and observed some interesting human behaviours…

Today however, I have just commissioned one more blog and I expect it to keep drawing in search engine traffic by itself from now on, needing only one or two post every 2 weeks.

The thought of reviving and reconstructing this blog crossed my mind again. Partly because I have spent some significant sweating hours on it and also because I have carried out a lot of internet traffic experiments using this blog.

So it has some kind of a sentimental value to me.

For that reason, today I will start posting here again. To readers who have kept frequenting this blog while I have been away this past 13 months, I value your visits and they have kept my heart warm and happy about starting this one.

To those readers who hate this blog so much because I left a post incomplete in a hurry in January 2010, I acknowledge my error and I acknowledge your hatred for that post.

Those who are wondering which post it was can see it here, Cable Ladder Installation.

With that I wish to close this re-opening statement.

See you again in the next post.

Note: This anchor post, Electrical Installations, may contain a summary of the materials you are looking for. It can be faster than clicking through each post title at the Blog Archive. I started it long ago but never actually got around to finish it.

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