Friday, January 27, 2012

High mast flood lighting

High mast flood lights, anyone?

Picture 1 - High mast type of area flood lights

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Location: Toll plaza of a major highway

Other description:

(Coming soon.)

Author's note:

Regular visitors to this blog might have been surprise when they see how this post look like.

Well, for good or bad, this will be how my future articles will look like mostly.

Nowadays I seem to have less and less spare time that I can use to write and post articles.

That saddened me because I have spent so much time building up this blog ( and other blogs also).

After some thought, I came to the conclusion that I need to change the formats of my post and articles.

There will be no more long posts and articles. Only short snippets that I can write within fifteen minutes or less, plus one or two pictures or diagrams.

That will be the way of the future. Then this blog can live longer.

I know there are many visitors who keeps coming for the pictures that I send up here. So I hope this new format of my future posts is a good news for them.


Jimmy Lee Wan Seng
(Information Trader)

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