Sunday, January 10, 2010

Emergency light installation pics

I have uploaded few pictures showing the method of installing a ceiling-recessed emergency lighting (EL) unit. This work was photographs at a high-rise building construction a few months ago.

As far as the choice of types of the EL light, I would personally prefer a surface mounted self-contained type. The one being installed in this picture is also a battery-backed self-contain type, but it is recessed mounted.

Being a technical guy, the surface mounted type of emergency lighting gives a certain feeling of comfort in my opinion. That is because you can see the whole unit right at the surface of the ceiling. As this lighting is intended for emergency (the failure of the mains supply can also be considered an form of emergency in my view because no high-rise building can operate without the mains supply. So, the standby electrical generator is an emergency supply and this low powered light fitting is an emergency lighting), it does not light up normally. It will only turn on when there is an emergency (when the power fails)

Being rarely in operation, it is rarely noticed if the unit is no longer functional or not working. Or if it has been damaged or vandalized.

So being surface mounted gives a feeling that you will more likely notice if something goes wrong with the emergency light.

The original design for this building was originally surface mounted units. However, during the construction stage, some visiting architect commented that the light fittings have spoiled the beauty of the interior of the open office space and the emergency lighting should be using a concealed type.

Therefore, we changed this emergency light to the concealed one for the office and lift lobby areas. However, the rest of the building was still using the surface mounted types.

Below are a few of the photographs that I took. However, if your interest is just on electrical pictures, just go straight to this post, Free electric installation pictures. There you can see pictures from other posts, which may be difficult for you to dig out as they are scattered all over this blog.

Picture 1 – The emergency lighting unit at its final position

Picture 2 – A closer look of the mounting of the unit

Picture 3 – A side view to show how the EL light fits in to the ceiling panel

Picture 4 – A top view (above the ceiling panel) showing how the unit is fixed to the ceiling board

Picture 5 – Another rear view of the emergency light unit

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